Dedicated FACE staff and volunteers, provide desperately needed veterinary care to animals in resource poor areas on a weekly basis at different localities in the Grahamstown Township. At these clinics, we share information with owners about proper care, we also educate and entertain children and gather important socio-economic baseline data. There is a desperate need for us to extend our reach to rural villages around Grahamstown.


The effects/outputs of these clinics include:

  • Healthier animals and healthier people. Deworming and medicating the animals where necessary prevents the people that come into contact with from getting infected with worms and zoonoses. Animals with infected sores, eyes, ears etc are treated which also prevents infections passing to people. This is especially important for people with low immune systems due to various conditions such as TB and HIV/AIDS.
  • Resolving animal behavior problems – simple solutions to some animal behaviour problems assists both the animal and the people. Animal behaviour problems often cause resentment from the owner and in the community.
  • Children and owners more connected to their animals. This results in less abuse to the animals and also to people. The link between animal abuse and human abuse is well documented.
  • Encouraging sterilization of animals to prevent unwanted, stray and feral animals.

 We care about the animals and the people and the empathic and respectful treatment of the people we serve is one of our core values. We have found that this approach leads to mutual respect, trust and sustainable positive impacts.




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Information Sharing clinics for animals and their people

By Michelle Griffith

Animal health and welfare in resource poor townships and villages is often not given much attenti...

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