Mary Murphy (facilitator) will be hosting a 3 hour self-employed workshop on Tuesday, 30 September from 11h00 to 14h00 for group of 15. The focus will be on personal/professional growth. She will cover a number of topics in detail, for example, professionalism, self-belief, goal setting/action plans, procrastination and motivation.

Utilising a methodology that encourages awareness of positive thoughts and feelings and addresses negative or self-limiting belief patterns, Mary enjoys much success in coaching her clients to achieve their true potential through realistic goal setting and action plans for proactive behaviour.

Her particular focus is in the areas of self-development and management and career development where she has extensive experience coaching on motivation and procrastination; time management; career path planning and goal setting; self-belief and work-life balance.

Clients have expressed a "move from negative thoughts to positive action", "greater clarity on career" and an ability "to take control of their lives" through "setting deadlines", "ability to focus on goals" and to become more assertive and action oriented, in general. Many clients have experienced a decrease in personal stress and depression due to the development of appropriate coping strategies whilst university students commented on a notable improvement in their marks for assignments, tests and examinations.

Mary holds a Bachelor of Arts Honours, is a trained counsellor and completed a programme in Life Coaching through Consciousness Coaching International (CCI).

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