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The Children's Hospital Trust

When it comes to healthcare, children have completely different needs.

Children need healthcare which focuses on their unique requirements: they need healthcare that involves parents, guardians and caregivers. Children need extra time, they need specialist care, along with medical interventions and healthcare professionals who not only provide medical care but who are compassionate and understanding of all children – irrespective of their age, gender or race. Children need a hospital that can consistently deliver outstanding healthcare practices and facilities that continually strive to improve paediatric healthcare – while making it accessible, affordable and accountable.

An institution like the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital – dedicated entirely to children, all children, is critically important. So important, that it needs a champion to make sure that it’s able to keep doing the phenomenal work it does.

The Children’s Hospital Trust is an independent non-profit organisation established to raise funds to support the Red Cross Children’s Hospital – the first stand-alone tertiary hospital, exclusively for children, in sub-Saharan Africa. The Trust upgrades and expands the Hospital’s buildings, purchases state-of-the art medical equipment, supports critical service areas, and funds the training of medical professionals from across Africa – all to ensure that the Hospital not only retains its world-class stature, but more importantly, is able to continue saving the lives of children from across the country and continent. Funds generated by the Trust also support ground-breaking child healthcare initiatives outside of the Hospital which aims at improving the capacity to diagnose, prevent and manage childhood diseases and therefore reducing the burden on the Hospital.

When you donate to the Trust, every cent goes towards funding projects that change children’s lives (and the lives of the people who love them.) The operational costs of the Trust are funded from an endowment, so your generous contributions are never used to cover administration costs.



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    Gareth Obery

    R140,924 raised

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    Paul Reeves

    R130,891 raised

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    Shira Milwidsky

    R52,942 raised

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    Graham Welham

    R5,250 raised

11 Fundraiser projects


  1. Henry Cock

    25 May

  2. Nicci Spark

    8 May

  3. Belinda Milwidsky

    31 March

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Fundraiser projects

11 Fundraiser projects

Honouring Andi

By Shira Milwidsky

Our beautiful Andi passed away on the 14th March 2021 at the age of 18 of a rare liver disease. S...

100% Completed
R52,942 raised
R5,000 Target

21 Cape Town Cycle Tours (INDOORS) in 21 Days - The Children’s Hospital Trust towards the Upgrade and Expansion of the Emergency Centre.

By Paul Reeves

“What we have is based upon moment-to-moment choices of what we do. In each of those moments, we ...

100% Completed
R130,891 raised
R100,000 Target

Jeremy & Erica 'Riding for a Reason'

By Jeremy George

Hi! We need your help. On Sunday 8 March we're riding the 109km Cycle Tour and all its hills with...

86% Completed
R5,160 raised
R6,000 Target

#AMEN - Jimm Harisson Project & Friends

By Jimm Harisson Project

AMEN -Jimm Harisson Project and Friends (English)On a cold winters evening in June, 2018 JimmHari...

3.5% Completed
R350 raised
R10,000 Target