Youth Development, Entrepreneurship and Food security

The purpose of this project is to provide southern African youth with basic life skills, develop their self confidence, build on their inherent strengths (entrepreneurial or formal employment potential), and to support those who wish to develop an entrepreneurial venture. To this end, the SAIE has developed an integrated programme that takes youth through the following programme:                                                

- Stage 1: Life skills programme (includes but not limited to – Dealing with peer pressure, teenage pregnancy, HIV, managing money matters, developing self-confidence and motivation, career guidance.                                                                                                                                                              

- Stage 2: At the end of the Life skills programme, all youth will perform an Entrepreneurial Assessment (this is a tool developed by the SAIE, and has been in use for over 10 years). The Assessment will reveal which of the youths have entrepreneurial tendencies and which are more suited to formal employments. Two streams will now form. The Entrepreneurial stream will be taken through the BEST Game (a comprehensive training programme, which uses experiential learning to help learn all aspects of setting up and running a successful entrepreneurial venture. The Employment stream will be trained in computer skills at the SAIE Academy (SAIE has an accredited computer skills course and facilities available). They will also be coached in interview techniques and CV writing. SAIE will also endeavour to assist the youths with job applications, follow up and networking.                               

- Stage 3: On completion of Stage 2, the Entrepreneurial stream will be encouraged to either start their business venture, or to further their studies through the Learnership programme at the SAIE Academy. The Learnership is registered with the Services Seta, and has been accredited to offer NQF level 4 (equivalent to matric) New Venture Creation qualifications called Biz Futures. Biz-Futures is based on the Further Education and Training Certificate: New Venture Creation. The Employment stream, at the end of Stage 2, will be allowed to utilise the SAIE Academy facilities to enable access to computer facilities, so that the youth will be able to apply for work opportunities, update their CV’s regularly, engage with SAIE team members who will provide support through the job search process. In addition, SAIE will reach out to our business and recruitment partners to give the youth access to recruiters and their pool of clients, and what skills are in high demand.                                                      

 - Stage 4: Graduation of Entrepreneurs through the Academy, employment of 80% of Employment stream, 3 new business ventures developed and running. Ongoing mentorship for all from the SAIE team


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