Home is where the heart is - both for humans and animals!

Inspired to share in our dream and make a difference? We believe in unity there is strength, and together we create change for a brighter tomorrow! We welcome everyone to join us and take action together!

Your gift goes towards:

  • general medication, supplements, enclosure maintenance and veterinary check-ups of our pride
  • enrichment for the animals where we fill a box with all kinds of treats or build a toy to enrich their lives
  • big cat rescues where we rescue a big cat living in dire conditions, and cover transport and relocation costs to a ethical big cat sanctuary where they can live out the remainder of their lives with dignity and happiness

Thank you for making a difference with us!

From all of us at Panthera Africa!


Leopard: Pardus

Lions: Neptune, Achilles, Jubatus, Obi, Oliver, Jade, Zakara, Elsa and Lei-ah

Tigers:Raise and Arabella

Caracals: Max, Jack and Amy

Jackals: Maya, Cody and Lucy



  1. Toby Grainge

    16 November 2017

  2. Daniel Willis

    16 November 2017

  3. Steve Richards

    16 November 2017

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