As you know, we are a non-profit sanctuary and rely on tourism and donations from our supporters. Covid-19 virus has forced us to close our doors to volunteers for the time-being, and there has been a sharp drop in daily visitors – which has affected our funds negatively. 

Without our team of volunteers, our staff will have to work extra hard to take care of our big cats. They are incredibly supportive and we are extremely grateful for their dedication and love for the cause. The only way we can make up for the loss of support from tourists because of the travel bans is through you – our most valued friends. 

Today we reach out to you – from the depths of our hearts – to tell you that we need your help more than ever. Please support us during this difficult time and donate what you can, to help carry us through this time, until we are ready to welcome back tourists and volunteers. As a close member of our pride, the support you offer today will go a long way.


Leopards: Pardus, Sheeba

Lions: Neptune, Achilles, Jubatus, Obi, Oliver, Jade, Zakara, Elsa, Lei-ah, Chaka, Baguira, Galaxy, Alpha, Cora, Karlos, Ivana

Tigers: Rays and Arabella

Caracals: Max, Jack and Amy

Jackals: Maya, Cody and Lucy

Cheetahs: Pema 

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9 Fundraiser projects

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