Gabriella Centre Vehicle

Gabriella Centre is in desperate need of a vehicle that can be used to transport our residents. Many of our residents need to travel to get to doctors appointments and this is often challenging as they have bulky wheelchairs that do not fit into regular cars. Gabriella Centre would love to purchase a Kombi / Mini Bus that can be modified to allow residents to sit in their wheelchairs which are then firmly stabilized to the floor with special stabilizing ropes and pulley's, as well as a hydraulic lift to get the wheelchairs into the vehicle The vehicle will also be used to take the residents on educational and stimulating outings such as to the aquarium or horse riding which they absolutely love. We believe in always trying to involve the residents into as many aspects of life yet it is difficult to often get there with out the aid of a specialized vehicleOnce we have purchased our vehicle, all the residents will be going on an adventure in George. They will be participating in a charity fun walk aided by carers. We believe that with everyone's help. We can make this dream a reality

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