Globally 1 in 88 children are affected by autism. Children with autism are very often stigmatised especially those living in disadvantaged areas where there is a severe lack of understanding.  There is a shortage of resources catering for autism in the Western Cape and South Africa as a whole with the result that there is a waiting list of 2 – 5 years for these children to be able to attend autism specific educational institutions.  Too many children are sitting at home unable to access the support and intervention they need to progress.  Our services aim at addressing this epidemic. 

The cost for early intervention, which is greatly needed, is often expensive and thus inaccessible to most families who desperately need it.  One of our projects is to train carers and caregivers in early intervention so that they are equipped and empowered to provide this much needed intervention themselves.  Therefore, improving the quality of life of the child and the family as a whole.


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