Climbing Kilimanjaro for AMP

Although the highest geographical peak, Africa has far bigger mountains to climb. As you read this, Africans across the continent, homelands torn apart by social disaster, flee across borders to simply survive! Can you imagine your own home becoming critically hostile, forcing you to seek refuge in places where you are treated with utter contempt, let alone wanted? Well, people just like us have fled all they know and once loved and have come to our country for refuge and safety. Will you help them? Will you rise to this challenge and partner with us?

Inspired by the Adonis Musati Project’s empowerment programme for young asylum seekers in South Africa, the McWalter family will be taking on the immense challenge of summiting Uhuru Peak, Mount Kilimanjaro on the 4th October 2017 to raise awareness of and support for the desperate plight of our displaced African children. We like that AMP provides an African solution to an African challenge. From the initial concept, through the steady preparation, to the last gruelling ascent up Uhuru Peak – we invite you to come with us!

We cannot do this alone, so please share in our climb by supporting us in each metre that we ascend. In so doing, together we will elevate our African brothers and sisters to new heights in their upward struggle, summiting our challenges together.

Your donation will go directly to those most in need.

Visit to follow our preparation and progress in the lead up to 4th October.

DONATION options:

Youth Support Group: Sponsor one vulnerable young person to participate in our 12 week youth empowerment programme.
Monthly: R112 per month x 12
Once-off: R1 346

Individual Counselling: Allow 2 people access to individual counselling including money for transport which is normally a barrier for those seeking help, something no other organisation in Cape Town can provide.
Monthly: R250 per month x 12
Once-off: R3 000

Youth Integration Camp: Sponsor a camp for 40 youth, a mixture of refugees and South Africans, in which they are equipped with leadership skills and tools to foster integration and social cohesion so that they can be active agents in their communities to be mentors and role models to other youth.
Monthly: R1 200 per month x 12
Once-off: R14 400

Victim Support Program: Sponsor one of our 12 week victim empowerment support programmes.
Monthly: R2 000 per month x 12
Once-off: R24 000

Own Amount: Whilst the above options relate directly to a unit of support, we welcome any size & frequency of donations if you prefer. Should you wish to donate a monthly sum, please tick the Monthly contributions box.



  1. Michele Nixon

    8 October 2017

  2. Alanna Rebelo

    28 September 2017

  3. Gayle McWalter

    7 September 2017

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