Mass Sterilisation

Why do we take the time and effort to go to the townships, collect, sterilize and return the animals? The answer seems simple.... We hope with all our might that the little bit of effort we add towards the war against un-sterilized animals will make at least a little bit of an impact in the struggle against unwanted pups, hurt, abused and mistreated animal.

We have seen some horrendous sights and had to deal with some serious hart aches. Remaining strong is tough when one has to fight off the feelings of shame and disgust that we are a part of this race .. the human race.

When there are some that have no inkling of an idea that a dog or cat has feelings, a heart and blood that runs through their veins. When some people see these amazing, loving, caring creatures as mere objects and not as they really are, our true friends and companions. When some use them as a "punching bag" to vent out their anger, frustrations and worldly problems. When they become objects of torment and mockery as children are taught from young not to love and respect.

This is where we try our best to step in... to stop the overflow of pups by sterilizing, to save, treat and rehabilitated the angels that were lucky enough to get to us before their final breaths. We cannot do this all without the care, support and assistance from all those out there that do give us faith in the human race. With all the sterilizations and treatments that are needed for those that are ill and injured we are asking you, our loving, loyal and amazing supporters for some assistance with this battle. Every little bit counts and with your help we can make that dent larger and larger until we win this war.

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  1. Patrick Thorp

    18 April

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    18 April

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    18 April

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