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The Vulnerable Women in Tamilnadu in India, are Dalits and Tribal communities in rural areas. Of them, the Dalits are recognized as untouchables in Tamilnadu, India and  are socially much suppressed and oppressed communities , mostly of illiterate and poor. They perform low jobs of coolie natures and are exploited by the upper communities. So is the condition of Tribal communities. In an era, of modern technology and more educated world, these communities never no of it or enjoy the benefit. Women of these communities, especially widows and destitute women occupy the low status in the society and are mostly coolies, who often are jobless. They perform various chores in the family and community inclusive of care for their children's education and food security. The illiteracy, ignorance and lack of formal financial supports make them victimized to poor health status and socio-economic conditions. They often find them helpless in educating their children and are forced in a situation to that leads to girl children school drop outs and also early marriages.    

In such conditions, based on their local skills a small and generous amount ranging from $ 30 to $ 500 would mean a lot to find them a local own enterprises that lead to financial independence, increased income and more care towards children and their food security and socio-economic empowerment.

Such generous and small supports could make a huge difference to the deserving communities and their lives.  

Gifts could be made in occasion of birthdays, marriage day, graduation day, christmas or on any memorable occasions and that would help light a family especially widows and destitute women of Untouchable  and Tribal Communities in Tamilnadu, India

What we do on receipt of gifts:

  • Choose appropriate and deserving women, youth and children
  • We provide the gift directly as grant to widow or destitute women , or their children for education
  • Support women, youth and children with needed technical and follow-up supports for education, enterprises and socio-economic empowerment
  • Share the update with donor with a thanks letter from the beneficiary
  • Share newsletters with donors 
  • Welcome, Visit to beneficiary families at any point of time by donors

Suggested Gifts :

For Women :

  1. $ 50 towards Bee Keeping Enterprise for one women
  2. $ 80 towards Cultivation of Organic Greens and Vegetables for one women
  3. $ 100 towards Backyard Country Poultry Breeding and Rearing  for one women
  4. $ 100 towards Pig Rearing  by  one Tribal women
  5. $ 100 towards a Eco-Micro Enterprises for one women
  6. $ 140 towards Mushroom Cultivation for  one women
  7. $ 140 towards Country Goat Rearing for one women
  8. $ 200 towards Country Calf Rearing for  one women
  9. $ 340 towards Country Milch Animal Rearing by women
  10. $ 670 towards value addition of Post Harvest Produce from Agriculture for women groups

For Youth :

  1. $ 270 towards Sports Materials and Sports development
  2. $ 140 towards Vocational Training 
  3. $ 140 towards micro enterprises

For Children :

  1. $ 30 towards educational materials or School Uniform
  2. $ 70 towards their school fees
  3. $ 70 towards health insurance and programs
  4. $ 140 towards Child Sponsorship yearly

               "Small Gifts Make a huge difference to poor and Marginalized "

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