GWF Digital Learning Campuses

Ever since opening the doors to the R3.7 million Hazyview Digital Learning Center I am often asked:

“What exactly is a Digital Learning Center?”

We have built our rural, community-centric Digital Learning Center model so that it is based on the principle of “digital-era” literacy education and career training.

A Digital Learning Center offers advanced online, interactive, and self-guided digital learning opportunities for individuals (both learners and adults) wanting to invest in their own futures.

We are fanatical about three things:

  1. Delivering internet access and information technology to rural communities, enabling learners to access the same information and knowledge as learners in first-world settings
  2. Implementing well-structured, systematic digital skills and vocation development training programs that are supported by recognized accreditation. The programs are focused on empowering learners to dramatically improve their job-place marketability
  3. Training and placement of dedicated teachers, facilitators and mentors who are passionate about specific, achievable results and assisting learners with setting sustainable career paths

To learn more about our model for Digital Learning Centers that deliver a focused, achievable and digitally-[em]powered education model for rural Africa, feel free to visit the Good Work Foundation website.

Good Work Foundation currently runs four Digital Learning Centers in South Africa, including the Londolozi Digital Learning Center.

Kind regards,

Kate Groch
CEO, Good Work Foundation



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