Domestic Violence is a subject that people are reluctant to talk about.  Victims often suffer and sometimes die in silence.  And despite the intense media attention recently focused on this issue, the public remains largely uniformed about the nature and warning signs of domestic violence.  This lack of information is compounded by the fact that victims are disproportionately those who fall into the lowest income bracket and who have the least access to social services, quality attorneys and the media.

To begin combating this serious problem, the Thomas Center for Human Development, Inc. proposes to provide a comprehensive Domestic Violence –Male Involvement Program serving young fathers in The Bronx.  The Male Involvement Program, through a series of workshops, job training and placement, parenting skills, family planning, GED/College Bound, counseling, conferences and a retreat will expose all participants to ways to promote positive behaviors and habits.  The program is designed to empower male participants to become better fathers, partners and individuals.  The overall purpose of the program is to reduce the risks of domestic violence, and to help young fathers cope as they go through life stages


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