People with Albinism (PWA) across the globe often face discrimination and marginalisation; and do not have the adequate socio-economic tools necessary to pursue success. PWA often do not have anyone who supports them whom they can reach out to for advice and guidance, but rather face a lack of tolerance, inclusivity and understanding from the public at large.

Research conducted amongst PWA in South Africa and Zimbabwe shows a great need for mentorship, with specific emphasis on supporting the creation of structures of inclusion that recognise and accommodate difference, rather than erase it. Khulisa Social Soutions is pioneering a PWA-specific mentorship programme which aims at providing personal guidance, emotional support and creating dialogue opportunities. Initially, 50 PWA in South Africa and Zimbabwe will be mentored as the pilot project, through various digital media platforms.

In order to be able to implement this mentorship programme, however, Khulisa and the Miss Albinism Trust Zimbabwe need your help and funding. We need 50,000 ZAR to initiate the programme and test its efficacy on a six-months test period. Any donation would help us to achieve our goal of positively impacting the lives of PWA.

Khulisa Social Solutions has joined forces with two prominent PWA activists for the mentorship programme. Spearheading the global PWA mentorship movement is Simba Gozo, a PWA activist, motivational speaker, actor and model. Also involved is Brenda Mudzimu, a PWA activist who founded the Miss Albinism Trust Zimbabwe in 2017. Khulisa is an NGO which was established 21 years ago, and has been running diverse mentorship programmes since its inception; constantly refining its methodologies and measurements of impact on the lives of both mentees and mentors.

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