Zakheni's FireMaker Project trains and develops the skills of child and youth care workers to use the creative arts in psychosocial support. We focus on developing the practical tools of puppet making, storytelling, drama, visual arts and music, combined with teaching simple methodology around the developmental stages of play and building resilience.

The FireMaker Project is a series of 4 three-day workshops, followed by supervision and mentoring for the child and youth care workers. The course focuses on:

  • Experiential learning and equips participants to integrate indigenous creative techniques like traditional storytelling, ritual, improvised music and dance and art with theory around child development,
  • Building resilience, and basic counselling skills.
  • FireMaker gives care workers an opportunity to upskill themselves.

The FireMaker Project is followed by 5 mentoring and supervision sessions for the 18participants. For more detailed Information please visit our website:

Zakheni Transformative Arts Centre Background

The Zakheni Transformative Arts Centre is a South African NPO that was founded in 2001. The mission of the Foundation is to provide psychological, emotional, educational and social support to improve the wellbeing of children, adolescents and adults in vulnerable communities, through the Creative Arts Therapies. All of Zakheni’s work is development work; building capacity, resilience and promoting cultural expression through the arts within the communities that we work. Zakheni’s projects are focused on children, youth and careworkers in specifically identified communities in need of skills and support. Our workshops are tailor-made for participants.

Our core business is providing creative arts workshops, training and supervision for ECD Care Workers, Dramatherapy in Schools and the use of Playback Theatre, in order to strengthen psychosocial support service to vulnerable children. Zakheni contracts the services of a collection of registered Art, Drama, Music and Play Therapists who work in collaboration with Community Arts Practitioners.

Zakheni partners with likeminded, child-focussed organizations in order to develop their staff capacity to provide effective, child appropriate psychosocial support programmes. We also provide community creative arts psycho-social support services and we enhance and support the wellbeing of Care Workers and Health Professionals. The FireMaker workshops have been conducted in a number of regions including Southern Africa Region, South America and the Middle East. Please visit our website for further information:



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FireMaker Project

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