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Touching Lives project

Funda Nenja means
‘learning with a dog’, in one of South Africa’s indigenous language; isiZulu used in semi and rural communities of the Kwa-Zulu Natal (KZN) province.

It is a programme designed to develop respect and compassion in young children and the youth while teaching them to teach their dogs’ basic obedience. The programme co-exists with a social development arm which provides assistance in social welfare services. The Social Worker assesses and provides assistance or referrals for medical, cognitive, material and psycho-social services.

Educate, on the care and well being of dogs

Educate, discourage with the intention of eliminating organised dog fights

Educate, discourage with the intention of eliminating hunting using dogs

Reduce, the stray population by providing a sterilisation program

Providing, the lower income bracket with medical treatment for dogs

Providing, shelter and suitable collars and leads (at a low cost) for the lower income group.

Empowering children and youth by using life skills workshops

Developing youth by securing animal related educational courses aimed at securing employment in the animal welfare sector.

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