The donation of a multipurpose facility to a SCORE community is the first large-scale fundraising initiative undertaken by an individual, and it could not have come at more exciting time!

2010 is a historic year for sport in South Africa, and this is the perfect opportunity to truly showcase the impact of sport on the lives of people across the country, from those living in rural areas to the city.

However, not all communities are fortunate enough to have a basketball court, or football training ground and so many children turn away from sport, immediately rejecting the other benefits sport has to offer away from the pitch. 

The dedication of Brian to his training and fundraising tied by his personal journey and experience with sport makes this project very exciting and SCORE are honoured to be sharing this with him. 

SCORE would like to thank Brian for donating the funds raised from the IRONMAN challenge to the new facility and wish him the best of luck in this year’s challenge! 

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    14 May 2010

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    4 May 2010

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    2 May 2010

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