This camp came about as a response to the overwhelming need of the boys for father figures in their lives. In addition, boys longed to get away from the township for a while to escape living life in survival mode. The initial camp took place in November 2010, and the aim of the camp was to give the boys a real father-figure experience. During camp, we discovered that 75 percent of the boys in attendance did not have fathers in their lives. There was a desperate need for guidance, advice, affirmation, and a way for young men to discover their identity. Boys also had an overwhelming spiritual need as most of them did not grow up in Christian homes. Since 2010, we have hosted Boys2Men Camp annually, and more than 400 boys have had a chance to attend. It has become one of the most impactful short-term programmes at CAST, even attracting international volunteers. Boys2Men’s focus is about transforming boys to men. Every year, we have seen many young people give their lives to Jesus. The ongoing sports programme has provided continual discipleship for the boys as well. Our community churches have also become instrumental in providing spiritual homes for the boys.

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