Support to the Community

▪     To advocate for the rights of Orphans and Disadvantaged Children

▪    To fight the spread of HIV/AIDS, provide Primary Health Care among vulnerable communities.

▪    To support livelihoods and economic development of vulnerable persons

▪    To advocate for gender rights of the marginalized groups and provide psycho-social support to enable them develop solutions to their own needs and communities. 

▪    To strengthen the capacities of local groups/ organization through establishment of a platform for supporting community, national and regional programs aimed at improvement of human welfare among vulnerable communities.

In furtherance of the above objects, the Organization shall promote the following:

a)    Through supporting children to acquire basic education and vocational skills, provide medical care to sick children especially those affected with HIV/AIDS, Asthma, Tuberculosis and other chronic diseases, to fight child labor, sexual abuse, defilement and human sacrifice and provide life skills to the youth and teenage mothers.

b)    Through increase awareness and prevention of information and services to on HIV/AIDS through developing and using community based mitigation strategies. Advocate communities to develop mechanism for supporting promotion of Adolescent sexual reproductive health among the youth 10-24 years and support Family planning programs and community based guidance and Counseling services.

c)    Through business management skills development, project planning and management skills, supporting income generation activities and small scale business management to fight poverty based on household level affected by HIV/AIDS, natural disasters such flood, famine, droughts, wars and conflicts and provision of psycho-services.

d)    Through advocating for the rights of a girl child and the women, sensitization and empowerment programs that promote, support and protect their entire well being amongst the society.                         

e)    Through supporting  programs that aim at advocating for Behavior change in efforts to fight and prevent HIV/AIDS, moral uprightness, prevention of   emotional and psychological imbalances that can lead to suicide, abortion, depression, isolation and others factors that may lead to increased committing sin within the context of religious circles, support family values to fight marriage breaking, and fight rampant cases of witchcraft and child sacrifice.

f)     Through Advocacy, lobbying, and networking with other partners through Capacity building, experience sharing and documentations of best practices