School fees for needy children in Zambia

As a start-up initiative based in Livingstone, Zambia, the orphanage initially started caring for 20 young children of which 10 boys and 10 girls. An additional 20 children have been taken on in 2014 because of the dire needs they have.

The children stay with guardians who are elderly and some relatives who are not able to send the children to school and offer them care that is needed. Most of the children used to be involved in street sales for their guardians to raise funds to buy food. We are hoping to collect funding to be able to provide the children access to school. This will enable them to educate themselves and hopefully one day be able to become productive, positive adults.

During 2013, kind donors ensured that the first 20 children were given the opportunity to go to school for the entire 2014. In addition, sufficient donations were received to enable us to rent access to a sports field where we keep the children occupied and off the streets in the afternoons and on weekends. we have a football club for this purpose.

The average cost for a child to attend primary school amounts to approximately EUR83 per year or US$110.

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