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Join Princess Charlene of Monaco in Fighting for our Rhinos

Princess Charlene of Monaco, through The Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation South Africa, has partnered with the Thanda Foundation in the fight against rhino poaching to help and save this pre-historic animal, which is also one of Africa’s legendary Big Five.

The Thanda Foundation was created primarily to advance the socio-economic upliftment of impoverished rural communities surrounding Thanda Safari, the promotion and preservation of the cultural heritage of the Zulu Nation, as well as the preservation of wilderness conservation areas and the advancement of biodiversity management of our environment whilst protecting our endangered wildlife species which call Thanda home, particularly the endangered white and black rhino.

As a founding member of Project Rhino KZN, a collaboration of almost all KZN rhino owners, both private and government, anti-poaching specialists and conservation NGOs, the Thanda Foundation is painfully aware of the ongoing struggles against rhino poaching and the scourge of wildlife crime facing our industry. And the fight is only intensifying.

Tragically, we face the very real risk of rhino eventually being hunted into extinction, and it is up to each and every one of us to make a difference and ensure a legacy for future generations.

Join Princess Charlene of Monaco in the fight for survival of our rhinos by making a contribution. Funding received will be used to support the efforts of anti-poaching units and initiatives in South Africa, with particular emphasis on KwaZulu Natal. It will be used for the education of neighbouring and rural communities concerning their awareness of the benefits of nature conservation and the protection of our endangered species.

Furthermore, it will be used for training, equipping and funding the research, development and deployment of technology to be made available to the various anti-poaching units in KwaZulu Natal, the employment of specialist forensic experts to help with wildlife crime scene investigation in order to be able to achieve the successful prosecution of criminals, the purchase of the latest surveillance technology to prevent poaching, the funding of various rapid response task force units, as well as a public relations campaign that seeks to educate, incentivise and discourage the poaching supply chain from targeting our rhinos.

The support of all of our collective anti-poaching efforts has the added benefit of creating jobs, as well as promoting training and education opportunities, which are further key objectives of the Thanda Foundation.

We greatly appreciate your contribution – every little bit counts!

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  1. gail elliot

    3 June 2021

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