We love the Dugongs and we are not the only ones ! After reaching our initial objective to raise 10,000 USD, and then 15,000 USD after few days, we now hope to raise 20,000 USD to Save the Dugongs of the Bazaruto National Park. Can you or your friends and colleagues help us get there? THANK YOU !

About the project:

We are seeking your help to protect Mozambique’s last 200 dugongs in Bazaruto Archipelago National Park – the last remaining viable population of these amazing animals in the Western Indian Ocean. Recognised as Vulnerable by the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, the Dugong has suffered a population reduction of 30% over the last 3 generations. Specialists estimate it faces extinction within the next 40 years, if nothing is done to help it. But before recovery there must be stabilisation and too many adult Dugongs of breeding age are still being caught in gillnets to allow numbers to grow.

Illegal fishing practices within the boundaries of the national park using gillnets and seine nets can wreak havoc. Dugongs can become entangled in gillnets and drown while seine netting destroys the seagrass meadows on which they graze and depend. Sometimes in the past, netted animals were butchered and consumed although this practice is dying out with enhanced law enforcement and education.

To give the Dugongs of Bazaruto a chance to stabilise populations, this emergency conservation project working with IUCN member, the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT), is tackling the threats and issues in a holistic approach, beefing up law enforcement with aerial surveillance and patrol boats, confiscating and removing illegal nets found in the park and working with local communities to generate alternative livelihoods that cherish and value the Dugong.

Your support will help secure dugong herds and habitat by mitigating these major threats and strengthening existing structures in the park that will help protect the animals while also providing sustainable tourism opportunities for local communities as well. This will be done in association with SOS - Save Our Species.

SOS - Save Our Species is a unique conservation mechanism helping people to make a real measurable difference to the world’s biodiversity challenge. By protecting threatened species on a project-by-project basis. To do so we need your support!

Founded in 2010 as a species conservation fund, SOS was established on the firm belief that 100% of threatened species have the potential to recover if we choose to support them.

Conservation is not always straightforward. Most of the time to save a species we have to tackle very complex issues, helping communities create employment, responsible tourism opportunities, empowering and educating people to take ownership of the conservation challenge that we all face. This explains our slogan: Save Our Species – Save Our Selves.

Right now, SOS supports conservation for more than 150 species including dolphins, tigers, turtles, crocodiles, dugongs, rhinos, elephants and penguins. We also work with lesser-known but equally threatened species such as snow leopards, crocodiles, antelopes, condors and many different birds, amphibians, reptiles and plants including cycads- an ancient lineage of flora.

In fact SOS is already making progress but we need your support to continue funding projects that protect threatened species. We need your support to make SOS grow and become a household name. We need your support to make SOS a success our children will be proud of. Will you answer the call?





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