Imagine having your home flattened and all possible building material removed. Raising children in the open, under the relentless glare of the African sun and facing a possible flood everytime it rains. If you manage to survive the elements you have to deal with a barrage of attacks by the ever-present Sea Gull Gang – not an easy task.

The new style penguin penthouses were revealed to the penguin populations of Bird Island in the Eastern Cape and Dyer Island in the Western Cape in February 2018. We will still be monitoring the environmental conditions within these nests. But ultimately we need to know that the penguins can successfully breed and raise their chicks in these newly designed penthouses. We would like to thank Sanparks and CapeNature for their continued support of this project. Hopefully, we will be able to provide all the other colonies with the new preferred penguin penthouse before the next breeding season.

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