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    Glencore Glencore

    R295,015 raised

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    Nicky Webb

    R216,703 raised

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    Ashley Ritchie

    R141,570 raised

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    Anita Visser

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    Malcolm Rutherford

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68 Activist projects


  1. Peter Le Roux

    15 December 2017

  2. Stephen O Brien

    1 December 2017

  3. Jan-André Marais

    30 November 2017

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Activist projects

68 Activist projects

Johann & Etienne to tame the 'Untamed' Cape Epic 4 CANSA

By Johann Klindt

Cape Epic cyclists face treacherous terrains -probably the hardest thing they can attempt. Cancer...

0% Completed
R0 raised
R150,000 Target

Craig Kolesky & Ashley Haigh-Smith -Cape Epic for CANSA

By Craig Kolesky

Craig Kolesky and Ashley Haigh-Smith are tackling the 2018 Absa Cape Epic in support of the Cance...

2% Completed
R1,600 raised
R80,000 Target

Cycling 4 CANSA

By Leorine de Wet

Our exciting fundraisers will help us raise much needed funds to help CANSA fight cancer, while w...

15.9666666666667% Completed
R23,950 raised
R150,000 Target

i♥boobies 4 CANSA Active ♥ Euro

By Nicky Webb

Raise Awareness & Funds to get Mobile Screening Clinics into the remote areas in South Africa whe...

7.6% Completed
€380 raised
€5,000 Target