We need our ecosystems and their birds, and they need us.

BirdLife South Africa’s Policy & Advocacy Programme works to safeguard our country’s most threatened birds and their habitats. We need funds to do this.

In the Lesotho highlands, we’re working to prevent the construction of a wind farm that, if built, could lead to the extinction of the Maloti-Drakensberg’s Bearded Vultures. In the Dullstroom region, with pro-bono legal assistance, we’re opposing mining that would destroy wetlands that are critical for an exceptional array of animals and plants, and that define the beauty of the area. The list goes on.

Our unspoilt ecosystems provide us with clean air, water, food, and a tolerable climate. But they are also home to our birds – birds that connect us to the natural world no matter where we are. Imagine a world without birds!

To further our impact in safeguarding our birds and ecosystems, our Policy & Advocacy Programme is actively seeking contributions. Our work comes at a great cost – legal fees, creating awareness, stakeholder engagement – and your contribution will help to secure a future South Africa with intact ecosystems and flourishing birds.



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