Strandfontein Birding Area Habitat Initiative

Are you one of the lucky people who very recently “ticked” a few more
lifers and saw many other species at the Strandfontein Birding Area? This site, part of the False Bay Nature Reserve IBA, has been extremely generous of late, and earlier in 2016…providing birders with multiple national rarities and fantastic birding!! Rarities included the Rufous-tailed Scrub-Robin earlier this year, and now the Temminck’s Stint, American Golden Plover, Pectoral Sandpipers AND Red-necked Phalarope…all at the same time!!

But what many people may not realise is the long-term effort and resources that have gone into maintaining this area as a haven for migratory waders and many other bird species, culminating in these great sightings. This site also has other “ponds” which are in dire need of alien vegetation clearing. If you have enjoyed the recent sightings at Strandfontein why not give back to this great site? A small donation towards future habitat management could go a long way to further improving and maintaining this area.

All monies collected will go directly towards habitat management interventions at this site.



  1. Marilyn Hoole

    23 February 2017

  2. Andre Demblon

    18 February 2017

  3. Anonymous donation

    9 February 2017

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