The IBA Fund: Conserving Vanishing Habitats

As the Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas (IBA) Programme begins to move towards sustainability, an opportunity opens up to establish an IBA Fund that is dedicated to implementing conservation action projects in IBAs. The objective of the IBA Fund is to raise unencumbered funds to achieve the aims of funding purely high-impact, high-return conservation work in IBAs – offering increased ‘bang for your buck’ by maximising the amount of funds invested directly into ground level conservation to improve the state of IBAs. These funds will be invested strategically in order to maximise fiscal returns, and will be apportioned to ensure that priority conservation work is undertaken in IBAs by a range of partners.

The IBA Fund will support work in IBAs which aim to improve the state of the habitats, for the benefit of birds and other biodiversity, and to address immediate threats to IBAs. South Africa boasts 122 IBAs that cover a range of beautiful habitats that house a wealth of birds and a myriad of other species. Conserving our vanishing habitats by protecting IBAs is crucial to the continued survival of our natural heritage. The IBA Team works tirelessly within the IBA network to achieve this and the IBA Fund will provide backing to their work.

The IBA Fund will be supported through a number of initiatives and the partnership of key individuals. The IBA Fund initiatives are varied, providing a platform of participation for everyone. Our Fast & Featherless initiative has already been launched with many cyclists riding for of IBAs. We encourage cyclists, nature lovers and birding enthusiasts to ride in the BirdLife South Africa colours as part of the Fast & Featherless Team in order to raise money for the IBA Fund by becoming an activist. By taking up the cause from your bicycle saddle, critical IBAs, and their birds and biodiversity, stand a fighting chance. For more information on how to become a part of the Fast and Featherless Team please contact Candice Stevens or Daniel Marnewick (details below) or follow the link:

Other exciting things to look forward to are: the first ever ‘Birding Off-the-Beaten Track Weekend’ and the ‘Green Garden’ concept…watch this space!

The IBA Fund will provide dedicated funds with the aim of conserving our fast disappearing natural habitats by answering the conservation needs of IBAs through immediate conservation action. The IBA Fund provides individuals, and organisations alike, the chance to partner in this process.

For more information, or to become part of the IBA Team, please contact: Daniel Marnewick on 011 789 1122/, or Candice Stevens on 011 789 1122/

To find out more about the countrywide IBA network please visit




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12 Activist projects

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