Don't Make Me Fight, Rather Fight For Me

The Cape of Good Hope SPCA invites you to join William Simpson, Team SPCA runners and it's inspectors who work tirelessly, 24/7, all year-round over an area of 11 000km2 to protect animals from cruelty. Part of this is the scourge of dog fighting, which is regrettably still prevalent in many communities country-wide.

This year, by being part of Team SPCA, each hard-earned step and penny raised goes towards caring for abused, abandoned, stray, sick or injured animals, and protecting them from the hands of cruel or indifferent owners.

The Cost

Each investigation into dog-fighting carries an enormous cost but this seems insignificant when the real cruelty to animals and the risks to our children and our communities is understood. The Cape of Good Hope SPCA spends approximately, 3.2 million rand annually to investigate reports of cruelty and 3.9 million rand annually to provide veterinary care to the injured. Costs for the average dog fight investigation are estimated at an average of R25 000 per case.

The Cape of Good Hope has but one mission: To ensure that no animal endures cruelty. We would love you to join us in our fight because together we can make a difference.


Bank: Standard Bank Branch:
Constantia Branch Code: 051001
Account no: 063 002 167
Account name: Cape of Good Hope

“We would like you to know that not only will your donation directly benefit the animals in our area but – through a sharing agreement between all SPCAs nationwide – a portion will be used in other, less fortunate areas to benefit animals over a wider area. We feel sure you will approve of this outreach initiative and wish to thank you most sincerely for supporting our SPCA and the movement generally.”



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