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Team Inspire 2021 Boston Marathon

As a member of Team Inspire, your fundraising support will help establish the International Marathon Center – a unique institution designed to recognize runners past and present, to focus on fitness and health, and to build community and engagement through rich cultural and educational programs. A place that will honor, celebrate and inspire.

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    Jeffrey Mastro

    US$8,900 raised

  2. Avatar

    Laura Kaye

    US$8,600 raised

  3. Avatar

    Robert Owen

    US$8,500 raised

  4. Avatar

    Kostas Poulakidas

    US$6,295 raised

  5. Avatar

    Gerardo Toledo

    US$9,500* raised

    * Includes funds from other sources.
38 Fundraiser projects


  1. Riana

    19 November 2021

  2. OFFLINE Ford Fdn

    18 November 2021

  3. OFFLINE National Philanthopic Trust

    2 November 2021

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