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The course is for 10 people over 15 days – usually once a week for 15 weeks. They learn the introduction to the Hand Sewing Machine and to make products that are useful around the home and basic clothes which involve learning all the techniques of fitting a zip, buttonholes, pleats  etc.  They can then sew for their families, those doing domestic work have an extra skill to offer and some generate an income from their sewing.

The cost of a sewing course for 10 people including giving each trainee their own hand sewing machine and basic start up kit of patterns, pins etc and fabric when we have donations  is R25 000.


We have been focussing on trying to get more sewing contracts and to be able to call sewers in to assist and generate income for them and ourselves. Our contract work has increased and we would like to train 3 more ladies for this. An industrial sewing machine and industrial overlocker are different to use and thread from hand held that our trainees learn on. We  need  1 more Industrial overlocker at a cost of R6 100. We have worked on letting them come in for 15 days (unlike the sewing course would be good for them to come in daily) so have budgeted to give them a daily rate of R200 (R40 transport included) whilst training. If they have domestic work as many of our trainees do we can let them come 3 days a week. We have budgeted another R200per day towards the cost of electricity and cost of our staff to train them and any fabric needed to learn on. Once we have more ladies trained we are going to produce the samples we made for England for our local market. We are thrilled to have had our first overseas order of hand screen printed aprons.

Total cost to train 1 person for 15 days (including paying them)  R6 000

Sewing contracts we  undertook last year inluded pencil cases and aprons for a private school (ongoing), winter ponchos, aprons, african style shirts, conference bags,etc.


The organisation owns 1 vehicle, a 2001 model Toyota Condor which has done over 200 000kms. It is used for the collection of fabric donations, delivery of orders, going to different areas to run courses and all the errands of the organisation. We feel it is necessary to have a reliable vehicle especially as we do send our trainers to other areas and wouldn’t like them to be stranded. A Toyota Avanza, 1.3 costing R151 500 has been identified for this need. Toyota is known for its reliability and is local to our organisation for servicing.We have raised most of the funds and a balance of R50 000 is needed inculding signage.


I have not included training fees for this as we already have funding for 5 courses this year. We are also wanting to run some woodworking classes as really feel practical skills training is much needed in this country especially for those who can’t afford college training. We require IBR  sheeting to cover the roof  area where theydo the practical welding at a cost of R7 000 including labour.


6) WOODWORKING TRAINING – This is training we wish to implement. We have found an experienced Trainer that has conducted courses previously and feel this is a skill that trainees could use in their homes and offer their services to their communities and generate an income. The course is planned to run for 21 days and 12 candidates can be trained in each course. The cost is R25 000 for the course (this trainer being more experienced is at a higher rate plus it is for 12 students). We would like to be able to give the trainees that complete the course a start-up kit at a cost of R600 each and I would be happy to send a detailed list of topics to be covered in the training and what we intend including in the start-up kits. Basically it will be theory covering Health and Safety, different types of wood, use of tools, reading plans, joints and practical which will cover chair and table, frame and cabinet construction, painting and varnishing.





Sewing courses (for 10 people including each trainee being provided with a machine)

R  25 000 per course

Industrial Sewing machine training (3 trainees)

R    6 000 each trainee

Industrial Overlocker

R     6 141

Balance of funds for New Vehicle& signage

R  50 000

Roof sheeting for welding training area

R    7 000

Woodworking Courses (12 people)

R  25 000

Once off costs for work benches & vice grips

(6 of each)

R    8 700

Start up kits for woodworking students

R600 each x 12

R    7 200 per course




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