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The aim of Knysna Sedgefield Hospice is to serve the community by providing free palliative, home-based care for persons with progressive, incurable and chronic debilitating illnesses. Our holistic care extends to the families prior to and during the bereavement period.

This is achieved by medically directed nurse and social worker coordinated care to meet the physical, spiritual and psychosocial
needs of patients who meet our referral criteria, irrespective of race, age, creed or gender. Our home care sisters and social workers,supported by trained volunteers deliver this service to people in their homes.

As part of the holistic care that we offer the family prior to and during the bereavement period, we offer Orphan’s and Vulnerable Children (OVC) support. This support is aimed at caring for and supporting children infected or affected by a life limiting disease. Each child
is assessed individually and support is offered in an appropriate way according to the needs of the child. Some of these ways are by providing weekly support groups where children come together to share their struggles and victories and socialise with children in similar situations, play therapy by a qualified psychologist, life skills workshops, horse riding therapy and bereavement and grief councelling groups.

Increasingly, we are finding that for many of our lower income patients, Hospicecare is the only assistance they receive in coping with their condition. At the higher income level, we find that the pain management, support and counselling that Knysna Segefield Hospice provides is an excellent partner to the medical care that is received through our Hospice doctor, or the patient’s own doctor. We are truly proud to be one of the few organizations that are able to so effectively serve such a wide range of people
within our local community.



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