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261 Fearless Team Boston 2021

261 is the bib number Kathrine Switzer wore in the 1967 Boston Marathon - a marathon during which she needed to overcome her fear when the race director attacked her for being a female in a ‘mens-only’ race. She decided to keep running and finished the race. Through her fearlessness, she became the first woman to officially register and run this historic marathon. Switzer went on to revolutionize women’s running and continues to be a gamechanger today.

The Mission of 261 Fearless:

To unite women globally to gain personal empowerment and good health through running.

We use running as a vehicle to empower and unite women through education programs and the creation of women’s only local running clubs.

Through these opportunities, 261 Fearless Inc. breaks down barriers such as:  geography and isolation, misconceptions about running and physical activity, and lack of opportunity. 261 Fearless Inc. creates a global, social running network for women of all abilities and backgrounds to support and communicate with each other, encouraging healthy living and a positive sense of self- esteem and fearlessness.

The Organization:

Kathrine Switzer (Board Chair) and Edith Zuschmann (CEO & President) founded the globally serving, US based 501(c)3 non-profit organization 261 Fearless Inc. in 2015.

Currently, a core global Team of 11 women, located in the US and in Europe, are working on short and long term projects within 261 Fearless Inc. that enable women to take personal responsibility for healthy and sustainable change within their lives.

The organization is funded by donations raised through Charity Programs in major US marathons; corporate supporters like adidas, our global sports apparel partner; private and corporate contributors and income from program fees.

261 Fearless Inc. Services:

The 261 Education Program provides women, independent of their professional or educational background, access to knowledge about women’s running and health, leadership skills, and business acumen necessary for managing a local non profit.  

261 Business Training: women learn to set up their own local non profits with the aim to offer local running opportunities for women   

261 Coaches Education: provides knowledge and hands on experience to help women learn how to lead women’s running groupsand become healthy role models within their communities   

Public 261 Education tools: offer basic know-how about and inspiration for women’s running and women’s empowerment.

The global 261 Fearless Club Network supports local 261 Club Directors throughout the life cycle of their local non profits. Currently, there are 261 Fearless Clubs in 12 countries on five continents.

What makes 261 Fearless Clubs so unique?

Local 261 Fearless Clubs help women become sustainably active 

Clubs are structured to support women taking their first running steps in a non competitive, non judgmental environment guided by certified 261 Coaches

The program is socially orientated rather than about performance, speed or distance

All abilities, all ages, all societies and types of runners, including total beginners, are welcome and work out together

261 Fearless Clubs around the world are connected so women feel supported and part of a community that starts in their neighborhood and extends throughout the world.

Learn more about 261 Fearless at www.261fearless.org

Thank you for supporting 261 Fearless!

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