“It’s our duty as Africans, to be the voice of all living things”- Tijana


THE GREEN WALL OF AFRICA (GWA) is a not for profit organisation focusing on the South African youth, the socio-economic and environmental challenges they face and the vital importance of preserving their cultural and environmental heritage for the well being of not only themselves, but future generations. South Africa is filled with inspired, passionate young people with fresh and unique ideas for their future, but, sadly, very little support system to realise their ideals. The GWA seeks out these youths, nurtures and assists them to create workable sustainable projects from thought-blueprints by encouraging a healthy ‘can-do’ attitude. Since our inception we have been involved in and successfully contributed to various social, economic and environmental projects. All projects are carefully selected to ensure maximum benefit, through education and awareness-raising, to the youth of South Africa and minimum impact on their natural heritage. The Green Wall of Africa SEE Projects NPO operates within a vast network of partners and members who play an integral role in the success of our projects.



The Facts: South Africa is losing up to 4 Rhinos per day to poaching. The total figure for 2014 = 1215 massacred. At this rate the SA rhino population in the wild would be wiped out by 2020 (OSCAP International Conference 2014).

Approximately 85% of the worlds’ rhino are found within the borders of South Africa,

The end users of rhino horn (Asian countries) are unaware of the existence of rhino, the myths surrounding its healing properties and the imminent threat to the species due to lack of education,

Rhino horn is being sold on the black market for figures exceeding the price of gold (± US$100,000.00 / kg).

Rhino horn is the most sort after product on the black market in the world.

1 Elephant is massacred every 15 minutes in Africa for their ivory tusks which are sent to Asian market.

> 100 000 Elephants have been illegally poached since 2010.

Lion bones are been substituted as “Tiger” bones in Asia.

430 000 Lion have been poached in the past 50 years = ; 20 000 left in the wild.

650 000 Leopard have been poached in the past 50 years = ; 50 000 left in the wild

38 000 Cheetah have been poached in the past 50 years = ; 12 000 left in the wild

> 1 Million Pangolins (Anteaters) have been massacred for their scales and as a delicacy in Asia.

The Consequences:

The imminent extinction of the rhino and other wildlife carries with it, not only seeing the end of various species, but very real repercussions for South Africa and Africa as a continent.

SOCIO ECONOMIC: Eco-tourism is arguably South Africa’s greatest asset. Should the country see the rhino become extinct and the BIG 5 become the BIG 4, huge revenue through tourism would be lost, which in turn would result in job losses within the industry and ultimately increased poverty.

ENVIRONMENTAL: Rhino play an important role within the eco-system. Their eradication would threaten the existence of a host of animal and insect species who live in symbiotic harmony with the rhino. Rhino are also responsible for the seed dispersal of many indigenous plant and tree species, resulting in the loss of grasslands and savannah and ultimate soil erosion.

NATURAL HERITAGE: South Africa faces the very real risk of losing a part of their natural heritage to extinction. Humans are duty-bound to protect our planet and the fragile existence of wildlife like the rhino for future generations.


Statistics derived from surveys conducted in Primary and High Schools by RHINO SA during their visits to date, has revealed the following and GWA Education Team strives to minimise this disturbing reality:

8/600 000 youth knew who either Dr Ian Player or Magqubu Ntombela were and the history of the rhino;

;10% have seen a living rhino in the wild;

; 30% have been to the JHB Zoo (in the Johannesburg Region);

;5% know why poachers are killing the rhino / wildlife;

;1% know where the rhino horn/ivory is been exported to and what it is used for;

±1% know the importance of the rhino within the eco-system;

±1% know how many are been poached and the time frame before extinction;

0% knew about the course of events from the rhino poached to end user;

80-90% want to do something to help but don’t know how to;

95% Teachers feel that Nature conservation needs to play a bigger role in the current school curriculum.

100% Teachers feel there must be more educating on Nature conservation career options in high school.

;3% of schools have environment/wildlife clubs;

Incorporated within this project are the following initiatives and more explained under 2015 Projects:

  1. 1. Awareness Programs And Fund-Raisers:

GWA have developed exciting programs of events, outings and in-school activities, spread out over the school year, to try and raise the necessary funds for the expansion of the Rhino/Wildlife Global Education and Awareness Campaign. Schools are asked to participate in these programs, to develop fund raising and awareness initiatives.

  1. 2. WILDLIFE SA Champions & Ambassadors:

GWA Education Team identifies young champions/ambassadors to the cause who possess a special talent and a passion to use their gifts to inspire others. These champions are an integral part of the RHINO SA/WILDLIFE SA PROGRAM and add value by participating in many of the awareness drives, road shows, school presentations, events and fundraisers.

5 of our champions won International Rhino Awards 2014. 1 x Champion was selected in the top 200 up and coming South African Leaders 2014, 2 x Champions were invited to attend the World Youth Summit 2014, 1 x champion was invited to address the President Jacob Zuma 2014, and more.

RHINO SA has received huge acclaim and recognition and is making a solid name for itself within the Wildlife Conservation fraternity. Some of these achievements can be seen via the RHINO SA & WILDLIFE SA Facebook pages- “ALBUMS”


Children see the brutality of a poached rhino 2013BEST FILM – SBU Film Festival 2014


10 000 letters to President Zuma


We are the next generation with SA Kids and OMG


KZN preserving rhino


Community Vlakfontein dance for the rhino & wildlife



MANAGED BY IRENE HUYSAMEN (A dedicated conservationist who gave up her corporate life to help save a species from extinction)


The Rights for Rhinos Walk – 2011, was a heroic event undertaken by two Game Rangers, Paul Jennings and Siboniso Phakati, endorsed by the late Dr Ian Player, Game Rangers Association of Africa and managed by Irene Huysamen. They set off from Musina (northern tip of South Africa) - and walked 2000 km to Cape Town (southern tip of the country) - over a period of three months. Their mission was to raise awareness for the plight of the rhino. They visited schools, shopping centres and learning institutes along the way. An approximate 16,500 South African youth were educated and impacted on this journey and thousands of general members of the public.

Whilst the RIGHTS FOR RHINOS Walk 2011 was a resounding success regarding objectives achieved, horrendous outcomes from this walk revealed the following:

The youth of South Africa were unaware of the dire threat to the rhino species, and indeed their natural heritage.

The youth were unaware of the importance of preserving this natural heritage, and thus;

The pressing need for the development of education and awareness outreach programs in schools, places of learning and amongst communities was a glaringly and urgently obvious necessity.

GWA-RHINO SA Youth Education & Awareness Project was “born” after the walk as a continuation of the amazing work.



RHINO SA – 2012:

The Green Wall of Africa (GWA) SEE Projects achieved NPO status in 2012 and immediately set out to address these issues. RHINO SA is a youth-based, youth-driven and youth focused outreach awareness program aimed at educating the youth of South Africa and the Globe about the unmitigated and ongoing slaughter of South Africa’s rhinos and wildlife. The program was launched June 2012 at Onderstepoort Veterinary Institute, University of Pretoria. The driving force behind this campaign is a dedicated group of youth (National & International) from schools, tertiary education centers and more, who aim to uplift and empower the youth around the world to play an active role in the preservation of their natural heritage, in particular the rhino, and to realise that they too have the power to take a stand and make a difference for all wildlife and animals.


“Kilimanjaro Climb for Rhino 2012” - 6 elderly gentlemen aged 62 to 70 were accompanied by two Rhino SA youth members who all put their lives at risk for the sake of our rhino. “The RHINO SA Global Youth Education & Awareness Campaign” was launched at the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro highest peak in Africa on 29th October 2012.

An appeal was made to the Youth of the world to take hands and help the South African Youth save the species.

60 000 black rhino once roamed the plains below Mt Kilimanjaro and there is not ONE left today! (DR Ian Player)



RHINO SA, has visited schools, places of learning and communities throughout the Greater Gauteng Region and has impacted over 600,000 youth with its vibrant and informative education and awareness program. Thousands more have been reached via marches, television, radio and other media genre. Roll-out into the rest of South Africa is in process, areas of focus would be surrounding the National Parks, rural areas and less advantaged communities where poached rhino horn is known to be secreted.

This education program includes:

Factual information and history about the rhino and wildlife,

Reasons for their current plight, up-to-date statistics and the groundless myths surrounding rhino horn, ivory etc.

Their strategic role within the eco-system and the effect their extinction would have on the country’s natural heritage and the ultimate impact on the socio-economic stability of South Africa and Africa.

Learners are encouraged to become “WALKING TALKING RHINOS” by being aware of the plight of the rhino/wildlife and pass on the knowledge they have acquired by spreading the word to friends and family, in South Africa and abroad. This initiative is represented by a small rhino shaped lapel badge symbolising the “silent voice” of the rhino/wildlife (THE WALKING TALKING RHINO BADGE) to demonstrate their commitment to the cause and to help raise the funds needed to expand the program.


In keeping with an urgent need for GLOBAL education and awareness processes, GWA / RHINO SA partnered with an International NGO (OMG) and hosted two young people and parents when they visited South Africa from the 27th October 2013 for a three week period, ending 15th November 2013. The visit was two-fold:

  1. “President Zuma Letter Writing Campaign 2013” Rhino SA Champion Afeefah Patel (9) was the first child to write a letter to President Zuma requesting his help with the rhino crisis (12 April 2012). This in turn, led to the project where ±10 000 Letters addressed to the Honourable President Jacob Zuma were collected and handed over to the Department of Environmental Affairs (October 2013) who accepted the letters on behalf of the president. Rhino SA Champions Afeefah Patel (9) & Jadin Jordaan(11), Miss Earth SA – Ashanti Mbanga & Rhino SA - Robin Cook accompanied by OMG founders Olivia & Carter participated in the handover. These letters of concern and support were written by youth from around the globe.

±5000 letters received from around the world by OMG

±5000 letters received from the youth of South Africa by Rhino SA & Champions

  1. “Rhino SA Mini-Documentary Films” South African Photo-Journalist & Media Producer Tijana Huysamen (New York, USA & Seoul, South Korea) together with Red Sky Pictures - producer Tony Sacco (USA), cameraman Dan Kavanaugh (USA) and sound engineer Henau Marais (SA)- directed and produced mini-documentaries about the project. The documentaries depict through the eyes of the youth the awareness and education regarding the plight of the rhino, endangered wildlife and the people who are fighting these crimes. These documentaries will be used for education and awareness purposes by GWA-Rhino SA and affiliates. This will be the first steps in an ongoing endeavour to expand the awareness and education processes globally about the importance of saving all endangered wildlife species through the eyes of the rhino (DR. Ian Player). In the long-term, GWA – Rhino SA will continue to use the documentaries to reach out to the youth of the world to assist with development of skills transference, train the trainer, learnership & mentoring programs for the upliftment of the youth of South Africa by assisting with job creation and poverty alleviation opportunities.


(All projects will be dependent on funding availability)

  1. WILDLIFE SA CLUB Global Wildlife Outreach Program in joint collaboration with international schools, children, corporate companies, partnerships, stakeholders etc. The development and implementation of an environmental/wildlife club focused on environmental education in general and to develop a greater appreciation and understanding of the natural world on a global scale.


A virtual “Brick” will be donated to the WILDLIFE WALL OF REMEMBRANCE. Funds will be used in the following manner:

GWA Global Educational & Awareness Program (International & Local)


International friendship “twining” program between children/schools/teachers and all countries around the world. The idea is that children reach out and acquire new friendships somewhere else in the world to share knowledge, giving them the power to take action regarding the various environmental issues together! “ It’s our duty as the youth of the world, to be the VOICE of all living things – Tijana”


International newsletter for the voices of the youth, written and edited by Kirsten Everett (16) and mentored by Tijana Huysamen (SA Photo-journalist, Film Maker/ Educator South Korea).


Using sport, arts & culture as a “Silent Voice” for our majestic gentle giants and wildlife.

Rhinockey Festival (Hockey), 94.7 Cycle Tour (Cycling), SA Archery World Championships (Archery), Batting for Rhinos (Cricket), Half-Ironman Switzerland (Triathlon), Junior Golf Championships (Golf), School Athletics, Hockey, Cricket, Byeronie Mongol Derby 2015 (Horse riding – endurance), Out of Africa Beauty Pageant 2015 (Beauty Pageants) and more.

  1. YOUTH OUTREACH PROGRAM – “Pilot Project” planning for communities Gauteng – Katlehong, Voslorus & Thokoza community “Youth Wildlife Education & Skills Centre” is in the process of been developed. (Please contact GWA should your company wish to be a part of this FIRST of its kind program)
  2. SCHOOL CAREER GUIDANCE - Encourage career path options into Nature Conservation by offering career guidance and vocational opportunities into environmental fields with the view to uplifting this career choice;
  3. TRAIN THE TRAINER - Provide basic nature conservation training to unemployed youth, with focus on rural and less advantaged youth, and in so doing providing skills for job creation to assist with the program for the development of environmental initiatives to disseminate knowledge and transfer skills into the local schools;
  4. WILDLIFE EDUCATION CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT – Continuation of meetings with Minister Edna Molewa’s Office in this regard. Assistance and funding will be required for Rhino SA teachers to continue developing this important tool for re-implementation into the school curriculum.
  5. 6. UNIVERSITY WITWATERSRAND “YEBO GOGGA” SCIENCE WEEK- Year of light 2015 (Full Moon Poaching) thousands of school children and members of the public visit the expo during the week to be educated by selected exhibitors.
  6. 7. JOHANNESBURG CITY PARKS AND ZOOS – Various themed community education programs during the year incorporating Wildlife and Rhino.

In the quest to save the rhino species and endangered wildlife, GWA Education Team continues its outreach into schools and tertiary learning institutions via the WALKING TALKING RHINO/WILDLIFE SCHOOL INITIATIVE around the country and abroad, actively participating in anti-poaching/trafficking awareness and fund raising endeavours and supporting all legitimate on-the-ground efforts to curb poaching/wildlife trafficking. All funds raised are ploughed back into the expansion and development of the education and awareness initiatives and outreach programs.

“Educating One African Child at a Time”


The Green Wall of Africa SEE Projects-RHINO SA/WILDLIFE SA offer corporate companies, businesses and individuals the opportunity of becoming involved in this fight against the extinction of the rhino and other endangered wildlife. Any contribution in the form of funding, sponsorship, donations, equipment or any other support would attract the following benefits:

SPONSORS & DONORS are essential for the success of the RHINO SA Global Youth Education & Awareness Program in the quest to achieve their goals.


  1. I. Exposure on the GWA & RHINO SA web site, face book page, media coverage and social media platforms;
  2. II. GWA and RHINO SA logos and material on company mailings, newsletters, advertisements and other promotional material, including their company web site;


  1. I. Attract points on B-BBEE (Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment) score card;
  2. II. Tax Benefits and deductions;

IMAGE: (Becoming a sponsor, stakeholder or partner)

  1. I. links sponsor to practises of good governance:
  2. II. Illustrates leadership towards “long term” sustainable development in South Africa
  3. III. Contributes to South Africa’s social, environmental and economic needs and to making a difference.
  4. IV. Offers preferential procurement opportunities within government departments and corporate companies
  5. V. Provides networking opportunities with business partners involved in the project.
  6. VI. Creates the link between corporate performance and corporate giving. (CSI)
  7. VII. Attracts consumers; consumers make purchasing decisions based on a company’s philanthropic spend.

Ultimately SPONSORS / STAKEHOLDERS / DONORS will be contributing to saving species teetering on the brink of extinction. It is only through educating the future generations of the World that we will stand united, seeking real-world solutions and truly making a difference for future generations to come.

“It is our duty as Africans, to be the VOICE of all living things” Tijana

(To learn more about sponsorship opportunities or how you can assist, please contactJ

Irene Huysamen

TWITTER: @rhinosa2


WEBSITE: www.rhinosa.co.za

GWA Chairperson

+27 (0) 78 643 6430 (office)

+27 (0) 11 452 9575

irene@greenwallofafrica.com / irene@rhinosa.co.za


ACCOUNT HOLDER: Green Wall of Africa SEE Projects


BRANCH: Greenstone

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Please fax deposit slips to: +27 (0) 86 510 4969

Rhino SA e-Mail: accounts@rhinosa.co.za

Green Wall of Africa SEE Project e-Mail: accounts@greenwallofafrica.com

GIVEN GAIN ACCOUNT: http://www.givengain.com/cause/4273/

Thank you from all the living rhino/wildlife and Youth of South Africa for your help.



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