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Elna and Petra decided to climb Mount Aconcagua and a the same time wanting to climb for a purpose, both are very much in love with Border Collies, it was an easy choice to deceide which charity to choose.... Border Collie Rescue South Africa was the obvious choice.

We would like donations for each milestone reached, we hav divided it into 5 milestones of which people can choose how much money each milestone they would like to donate. It can be for each milestone or any milestone.

You can follow us on the mountain trip reports on

https://mountaintrip.com/trip-report you need to select from the dropdown 2017 Aconcagua Dec 17 and you will receive updates.

Please let us reach new heights for Border Collie Rescue and help our furry friends, in which aid we climb Mount Aconcagua.

BCR rehomes 300 Border Collie a year and need your helping hand to continue this worthy cause.


Elna & Petra & all the furry friends from BCR

Tip Info:

Aconcagua is the highest mountain outside
Asia , at 6,960.8 meters, and by extension the highest point in both the
Western Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere.
Elevation: 6,962 m
Location: Mendoza, Argentina
Mountain range: AndesThe mountain dominates the skyline it is vsible 100 miles of the Pacific Ocean.

The Climb - Info:

The climb takes between 14 and 20 days, permitting weather conditions.

Day 1 Vacas
Valley to the start of the Falso de Polacos Route:

The start is at elevation of 2,750 m. Hike is 6 hours to Pampas de Lenas Camp also at elevation of 2,750 m

Day 2 another 6 hour hike to Casa Piedra Camp at elevation of 3,050 m

Day 3 is an 8 hour trek up the Relinchos Valley to Plaza Argentina Base Camp at elevation of 4,200 m

Day 4 is an acclimatization and rest day - enjoy Petra & Elna!

Day 5 is a load carrying day to Camp 1 of about 4.5 hours

Day 6 is an acclimatization and rest day

Day 7 Move up to Camp 1 at elevation o 4,970 m

Day 8 is a load carrying day to Camp 2 of about 4.5 hours

Day 9 Move up to Camp 2(Helicopter camp) at elevation of 5,480m

Day 10 is an acclimatization and rest day

Day 11 move up to Piedras Blancas High Camp(White Rocks) about 3 hours at elevation of 6,096 m

Day 12 Summit day to elevation of 6,962 m between 7 to 12 hours

Day 13 Descend to Plaza De Mulas Base Camp

Day 14 Hike out Horocones Valley and return to Penitentes or

Day 15 to 20 is contingency days

The end......... and yappy happy collies, thank you for supporting Climbing for Collies and raising our flag on top of Mount Aconcagua.

Elna & Petra and all the furry friends from BCR

Both Elna and Petra love the outdoors and Border Collies and in particular climbing mountains. Petra’s first “big” mountain was Mt Kilimanjaro in 1999 which was followed by Mt Elbrus in Russia in 2000, Elna started climbing in 2001 which was Mont Blanc in France and from there to Mt Kilimanjaro. Between the two of us we have climbed the following mountains:

Mt Kilimanjaro(twice)
Mt Elbrus
Mont Blanc
Mt Denali
Mt Aconcagua

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