TED-Ed Club's

TED-Ed Clubs are a platform to spark curiosity and celebrate students and their ideas. Club members work together to discuss and celebrate inspirational ideas. Club leaders follow TED-Ed Club’s flexible curriculum to guide and inspire the members to compose a talk about their great idea or a story that only they can tell. Members discover, explore, research and develop ideas worth spreading and learn to present their ideas in front of an audience. Through watching and engaging in the TED-Ed Club initiative, the students are given a chance to amplify their voices and have their stories heard.

In 2018 we have launched 7 new TED-Ed Clubs across the Western Cape. In order to fund and sustain these clubs we rely on donations from people like you!

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  1. Elisabeth Kuder

    19 December 2018

  2. Rosa Groenewald

    27 October 2018

  3. Linda Michel

    21 October 2018

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