Christmas Boxes

Every year we host a Christmas party at all the schools we work within Dunoon Township and the local Settlement. We ensure that each child receives a personalised present, tailored to their gender, age and sealed with their name. The child will get to meet Santa Claus and receive their present from him before going on their summer holidays.

This year, however will be slightly different. Our dedicated sponsors that have given our children presents for the past 3 years will donate to another township and celebrate Christmas with other underprivileged children. This leaves us (SAVE Foundation) to fundraise for the gifts for our 1500 children who we have been working with at our educare centres.

You can help us by sponsoring a child’s gift for 25 euros/30 USD/20 GBP and if you act quickly you can even request which child or school your present goes to.

Each of our Christmas gift box will include:




Wash Cloth,

Packet of crayons, colouring book,



Item of clothing

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  1. Elisabeth Kuder

    14 December 2017

  2. Elise Waldron-Hoines

    13 December 2017

  3. Elise Waldron-Hoines

    13 December 2017

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