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During the world wide pandemic of the COVID-19 virus, isolation means hunger to many who have nothing. No cooked meal at school, no work (which means no pay), no transportation (as public transportation is affected) and nutrition is now more important than ever. Without a balanced meal, immune systems will shut down. This puts everyone at risk of obtaining and spreading the virus.

During the lockdown period, distribution will change drastically. We will deliver cooked food to several community members who will distribute to small groups under the right precautions. The food will be prepared at home. Please consider assisting these vulnerable children by making a donation of 5 euros. We cannot do it alone.

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Fundraiser projects

9 Fundraiser projects

Ich sammle Spenden um eine Schule in Afrika zu bauen!

By Carsten Herold

Hallo Leute, ich sammle Spenden, um ein tolles Projekt zu unterstützen. Wir wollen eine Schu...

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I am raising funds for Sunshine Educare Preschool!

By Silvana Correia

Hi! I need your help. I’m raising money for Sunshine Educare, who are a preschool that is hoping ...

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R5,000 Target

Medical funds for the children of Skandaalkamp

By Ellie Mules

Like all toddlers the children at Sunshine Educare often fall down, graze their knee, cut their h...

23.64% Completed
R1,182 raised
R5,000 Target

Skandaal Kamp, Sunshine Educare and Vegetable Garden

By Daniel Utama

Skandaalkamp is a settlement located off the N7 on Frankdale Waste Disposal Site. Some facts abo...

1% Completed
€50 raised
€5,000 Target