Sunshine Educare

Sunshine Educare is located in the Wolwerivier settlement. The role of our international volunteers is to assist the local teachers, facilitate play and administer basic medical aid if necessary.

For more information, please contact: Gail Strauss, SAVE Manager

Cell: +27 73 333 4338

Wolwerivier Settlement is located in the Melkbosstrand area, next to the M19 off of the N7.

Some facts about Wolwerivier:

  • There are approximately 2000 residents
  • The residents live in 464 pre-fabricated houses
    • The homes are 26m metal structures
    • The community is very isolated from the surrounding population, it is located on farmland that is quite far from any public transit routes
  • There are approximately 600 children in the settlement
    • 93 children currently attending Sunshine Educare
  • Families from various local settlements were relocated here through 2015/2016

Initiatives at Wolwerivier Settlement:

  • Sunshine Educare- Children from ages 0-6 receive education, nutritional meals (breakfast and lunch), basic hygienic care (toothbrushes, toothpaste, formal toilet facilities)
  • Vegetable Garden- Encourage self-sustainability in the community through gardening and agriculture. The vegetable garden has greatly expanded over the past year and residents are now able to sell this produce to the local communities.
  • Skills Development- SAVE promotes practical skills and entrepreneurial development among the adults in the community by training groups in an apprenticeship forum. For example, training individuals in woodworking and furniture creation, to sell these items as a source of ongoing and self-sufficient income. These individuals can then also pass on these skills to their families and fellow community members.
  • Swap Shop- Provides practical goods (ex. groceries, clothing, toiletries, etc.) in exchange for labor (such as work in maintaining and harvesting the vegetable garden, or completing infrastructure maintenance).

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