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  1. Aksel always introduced himself first and made others feel included, and introduced them to everybody as if they were an old friend. He made sure he welcomed them into the group with open arms, making them feel comfortable with his big eyes and warm heart. He was always persuading people to go and sing karaoke at the local bar with him, and then made all the locals leave as they sang "Time of My Life" so loudly, yet so awfully. No ma...

    human services

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  1. SAVE Educare
    SAVE Foundation works towards a better education for impoverished children living within the settlements and townships surrounding Cape Town.
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  2. Sunshine Educare
    Sunshine Educare is a school supported by SAVE and Kilroy Foundation, located in Wolwerivier settlement.
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  3. Christmas Boxes
    Please help us to provide Christmas presents for our children in the townships and settlement and make their Christmas one they will remember!
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