Why this campaign? Why besides women's month, dignity, mercy and justice??? Three reasons:

1. The struggle is real:

Did you know that girls across South Africa are missing 3-5 days of school every month when menstruating because they can't afford sanitary products? 60% of women across South Africa simply cannot afford (or do not have access to) sanitary products. They often have to use unhygienic rags and cloths, which put them at the risk of infection. To avoid this embarrassment and inconvenience, many girls have to skip school on days they are menstruating... this adds up to almost a term per year missed! …. our Sweat4Good fundraisers commit and dedicate their training and participation in endurance events to causes like this …. like our chairman taking on an 80km trail run during August women's month.

2. The numbers make sense:

One Mcup costs R235 and lasts for 10 years. In comparison, a box of pads in South Africa is R40 and almost R50 for a box of tampons - that's per month! Mcup R235 vs pad/tampon R5,400! …. our chairman is an accountant.

3. The environment will thank you:

One Mcup is equal to at least 2400 pads or tampons. It’s a reusable (up to 10 years) and durable solution. Mcup 1 vs pad/tampon 2400! Used sanitary products end up in landfills or even worse down the toilet. Never mind the discarded packaging material and carbon footprint of the transportation involved …. all of us especially the trail walkers/runners welcome environment friendly solutions.

The Mcup is safe, easy to use and risk free. The Mcup is a 100% Proudly South African product, made from medically approved pure silicone in an FDA approved factory in Ottery, Cape Town. It provides an economical, sustainable and hygienic solution to basic sanitary needs.

So what would you be sponsoring?

If it was up to us, we would want to provide a Mcup for every girl in the world who doesn't have access to sanitary products. But we have to start somewhere. We have selected one school in the Western Cape - Ned Doman High School, Athlone - where our aim is to provide every girl in this school with a Mcup of her own. 

The cost to sponsor one girl is R235
. Each R235 donation will provide: 
- A Mcup (that will last up to 10 years)
- A cute storage bag to put their Mcup in (made locally in a women's community project in Ottery, Cape Town)
- Instruction leaflet on how to use the Mcup
- Educational diary to track menstruation and provide extra tips and advice on topics including menstrual health, anatomy, sexual health etc.
- Training and information sessions from a qualified nurse including an intro to the product, plus training and coaching of our school Mcup Champions - students at the school who will support new Mcup users on an ongoing basis (in collaboration with The MCup Movement)
- Ongoing onsite peer-to-peer support

Our Tipping Point is to provide 90 grade 8 girls with their own MCup. So that's R235 X 90 = R21,150.

Our Dream Goal is to provide every girl at Ned Doman High School with an Mcup. We have around 300 girls without proper access to sanitary products at this school. So R235 X 300 = R70,500.

Together, we can fight for equal access to education for everyone so that every girl - no matter where she was born - does not have to miss any more school.

We need your help to sponsor those Mcups. Help us break the cycle of poverty. Period.

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