We have no doubt that a better education is the key to a better future for all South Africans and the country.  The 99er Cycle Tour and MTB Challenge aims to place a focus on initiatives linked to improving education at various levels.  It ties in with El Shaddai Christian School's desire to impact the wider community.  Pupils at both primary and high school level have been involved in programmes with children in Morningstar and Klipheuwel for many years.

You have the opportunity to join hands with us to support education by either making a donation here (donations will be shared equally amongst the listed projects) or you can support one of the following three projects specifically by following the relevant links:

Partners for Possibility - PfP is an innovative Leadership Development programme that pairs school principals with business leaders with the main objective of unleashing the true potential of learners throughout the country by enhancing the management infrastructure and community involvement of primary and secondary learning institutions.

Inside Out - Inside Out is involved in the lives of pre-primary school children in the Klipheuwel community. The organisation has been supported by The 99er Cycle Tour and MTB Challenge since 2013. Each year a part of the 99er race profits are donated to Inside Out.

Scholarship Fund - The pupils at El Shaddai Christian School benefit from education in an environment based on solid values with excellent academic standards.  The school has established a scholarship fund for learners from under resourced school communities.  The aim of the fund is to provide the opportunity for learners from these communities to attend the school on a scholarship. Donate now, if you want to make a difference in this area.