Healthy eating is such an important part of what we do at iKhaya! When dealing with children and families living in poverty and with compromised immune systems, it is important to support them in this fundamental way.

Each of our 94 children receive a cooked meal and a snack everyday, Monday to Friday at iKhaya. For some children, these are the only meals they will receive as their families are simply unable to feed them. Our chef, Nomahlubi, lovingly cooks for them and they know they are getting a healthy meal which enables them to stay fit and active, as well as focus on their work. After all, how can you expect a child to learn when they are hungry?
iKhaya le Themba also aims to support the most needy families with food parcels every month. These families receive grants or have a small income, but the money cannot stretch to the end of the month. So the last week or so of the month it is critical that they receive the material assistance they need to feed their families.
Every bit counts, no matter how small so please consider donating to help us feed our children so they can grow to be strong, healthy and educated young men and women.



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    16 May 2018

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    29 January 2018

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