FUNdraising with iKhaya!

At iKhaya le Themba we love the focus on FUN-draising! People all over the world continue to come up with creative and super ways to raise money for worthy causes. We work with children so we know how to have fun!

We challenge you to come up with a fun way to raise money for iKhaya... the options are endless! Here are some ways people have done it in the past:

  • Cycling the Cape Argus Cycle Tour, running 2 Oceans or the Gun Run
  • Interns are running the Impi Challenge
  • Instead of birthday presents, people donate to iKhaya
  • A lady in Ireland organised a whole day of children's games on the beach for her adult friends to play. They paid a small fee for each game and that money was donated to iKhaya
  • Spin-a-thon
  • Bake cupcakes to sell during exams

You can be as creative as you like:

  • Organise an event - auction, music in the park,
  • Run/cycle/swim/rollerblade/dance for iKhaya
  • Climb a mountain in high heels
  • Go without coffee for a month and collect the money you would have spent on coffee
  • Organise a flashmob and people can sponsor each of your participants

Simply click on the "Create Your Fundraising Page" to get started, and get your friends and family sponsoring your FUNdraiser!



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    2 August 2018

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    1 August 2018

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    30 July 2018

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