Ride for a child!

"My name is Cobus Fourie.

I am an avid mountain bike rider and my favourite race format is ultra-endurance events. I have completed 3 x Trans Baviaans Events (230km within 24 hours) and 2 x 36 One MTB Challenges (361km race  to be completed within 36 hours).

I am firm believer in testing ones limits as this to me is a great way of getting to know yourself and what you are capable of, not just in cycling, but in your personal life as well.

Riding my bicycle for me is a way of life and a lifestyle. I enjoy all aspects of cycling whether it is the social interaction, the camaraderie through completing tough events or rides, or the time to be alone and take some “me-time” It`s where I have time to think and de-stress and just consider life and work through problems or frustrations while being outside and close to nature.

I have always explored the idea of how I could make a difference and it was after a stage race event that I was approached by a mate to join a WhatsApp group called “Ride for a Child” I attended one of the social events in 2017 and realized that this is a cause I can really contribute to in a positive way by riding my bicycle, creating awareness and in turn raise funds through my passion."

Cyberlogic Active is sponsoring Cobus as he rides for a child on the Bright Start Programme to access quality education.

Find out more about Bright Start here

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