One of the obstacles we face at Girls Kick It is transportation to the schools where we teach life skills classes. GKI owns one motorbike and one bicycle, but the rest of the time we have to pay for our own transportation - staff members often paying out of their own pocket. This is the same for coaches going to practices, with some locations being significantly further away than others. 

Being able to get to the schools consistently, both primary and secondary, is important because we need to make sure the girls are getting the life skills portion of the program. The life skills that they learn in these sessions are often not taught at home or at school, so without our classes the girls may never learn the truth about reproductive health, identity, HIV/AIDS, communication, conflict management, and peer relationships. 

Donations will go towards repairs to our motorbike and bicycle, as well as paying for social workers to go to schools. Our goal is to have enough transportation money, that we could start going to schools more than once a month, and have the potential to add more schools to our program. 

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