Lily of the Valley Children's Appeal

The Lily of the Valley Children's Village provides full time residential care for our orphan's and vulnerable children infected or affected by HIV/AIDs.  Our care is given within secure family units and includes provision of food, accommodation, clothing, ongoing medical support, complete educational services from early childhood development through to grade 9 and social and recreational programs.  Our focus is on the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and social wellbeing and development of our children.  Our vision is that these vulnerable children will grow into leaders of sustainable, healthy communities. 

We desperately need you to join us in making this vision a reality.

Currently, our annual budget for our essential projects far exceeds our current donation income.  We are generously supported by Government funding, corporate partners, international foundations and individuals.  This funding, however, currently does not cover the costs for all the care and development required.

Our current needs is for R1m to provide for the food, clothing and medical support  for our Children in the Children's village.

We would be very grateful if you could partner with us to make a real impact in the lives of our vulnerable children and give them the full care they need.  

In return for your donation we will give you a full update of the impact of your donation and would love for you to come and visit our villages.

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