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Every donation we receive helps us to take rural South African Children on a Path Onto Prosperity. From birth to early adulthood we ensure that these bright young minds are given a chance to grow and thrive. From education, to food and clothing, blankets and toys, and just providing them with a safe place, we ensure that these children are given the best chance to succeed. With your help we can expand our work and ensure that more and more rural children are given a fair chance in life. Thanks you for making a donation, it really will help to change a young life.

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2 Fundraiser projects

I am raising funds for Goedgedacht Trust

By Abigail Lord

I’m raising money for Goedgedacht Trust - a charity that is very close to my heart. If you can, p...

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Goedgedacht Trust - Path out of Poverty

By Poppy Lawley

Goedgedacht Trust works to help young people in rural areas of South Africa to find their paths o...

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£140 raised
£500 Target