Sacred Site Mapping and Community Custodianship Program OUR FIRST PROJECT!! PLEASE LEND SOME HELP! The initial Mapping of the Sacred Sites is underway!! This will be an interactive map showing areas of Southern Africa where we have documented the sacred sites. When zooming into the area you will see all the sacred sites in and around that portion of southern Africa. One can see the name of the Sacred site by clicking on it you will be taken to another page where you will see the image as well as further general information about the site. This will include:
Historical, archeological, geographical, cultural, astronomical, spiritual  and metaphysical significance. Who the Custodians of that particular sacred site are! and Contact information
What Visiting protocols are set in place...restrictions if any, what guides/facilitators are available. How to get there further maps, directions, food water availability etc. When there are guided tours/ceremonies/workshops and various other community development projects and events aligned to the Sacred Sites Foundation Mission and Vision. These will all be seen on an Events calendar on the same page.
As we document each Sacred Site it will be Mapped and updated on our website As we meet the communities surrounding these sites we will start to initiate custodianship programs, training Field guides and developing a sustainable  infrastructure to promote/educate the community with regards to Cultural/heritage tourism and Conservation, with an on-going mentoring program. Each person we initiate into the program, you will be able to see them on the page and be able to watch their progress.

MISSION The Sacred Site Foundation of South Africa (SSFoSA) is to be a vehicle to advise, research, protect, develop and raise consciousness regarding the prehistoric sacred sites of South Africa and thereby promote our indigenous knowledge, spirit and wisdom through an authentic, heartfelt honouring and respect of these sacred places of the ancients. VISION To be a collection of people of varied skill, expertise and perspectives, mindful of and dedicated to upholding the sacredness of the task set to consciously and respectfully stop the desecration of sacred sites in South Africa. To research, protect and develop already endangered high-impact sacred sites to a standard we all can be proud of and to achieve this by including all stakeholders academic, religious, spiritual and cultural, thus forming a sustainable infrastructure that creates ongoing jobs in the Arts and Cultural Heritage Tourism and Conservation sectors in South Africa. In so doing, we honour and uplift the spirit of South Africa and its people.

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