The reality is harsh: unless we protect Africa's natural resources and biodiversity, they will be exploited to the point of devastation. The continent will neither be able to feed its people nor develop those resources it has left.

But all is not lost.

It is the support of people like you that gives us the courage and the resources to take on the goliaths in our society who would otherwise get away with what they are doing.

Greenpeace Africa has harnessed the power of the individual to take this on by turning small regular gifts to Greenpeace Africa into campaigns which will, with continued energy and effort, and growing number of supporters, continue to challenge and change this landscape.

We do not take money from governments or corporations and rely on people like you to make our work possible.

We have three main campaigns in Africa: tackling climate change, stopping the looting of the continent's oceans and saving the rainforests.

Within those campaigns, it's possible to donate to specific projects like the Green Consumer Guides, saving Senegal's iconic fish species, the Thiof, and stopping Herakles Farms' forest-destroying palm oil plantation in Cameroon.

Here are some additional ideas if you'd like to get more involved!



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