Prison Freedom Project
Contributes to inmates' social rehabilitation processes by providing them with skills and practical tools for self-evaluation and self-development through yoga, breath awareness and meditation. Currently we teach five weekly classes in Pollsmoor, reaching out to the Admissions Centre, the pre-release centre, sentenced male inmates and female juveniles awaiting trial.

Prison is a stressful environment that has harmful personal and psychological effects on inmates. Many of South Africa’s prisons are extremely overcrowded, understaffed and under resourced. Lack of effective rehabilitation programs means that those doing time are less likely to be released any better off than when they were incarcerated.

SevaUnite’s vision for the Prison Freedom Project aims to provide inmates with skills in self evaluation and self development through practicing yoga and meditation. Based on a highly successful project in India, SevaUnite aims to train prisoners serving long-term sentences to become yoga teachers within the prisons, to foster understanding, self-acceptance, and a greater sense of self-love, acceptance and wellbeing.

The Prison Freedom Project has also partnered with the Human Kindness Foundation in the USA, who developed the book ‘We're All Doing Time’. The book is a self help manual that encourages inmates to use their time in prison constructively as a means to personal development. SevaUnite distributes the book free of charge to prisoners who request it, and to date we have sent 100s of copies to inmates based in prison’s all over Africa.

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