Building the Future A huge and fast-growing group of people are poised to take their place in the economic mainstream over the next decade, as employees, employers, producers, and entrepreneurs. This group’s impact on the global economy will be at least as significant as that of the billion-plus populations in both China and India. (Booz & Co Women across the world make up this Third Billion!   Khuthaza invites you to help us Build the Future through supporting women entrepreneurs in the construction industry!   You can play a role in unleashing women’s economic potential by enabling a woman to register for our 8-month, entry level, Cornerstone Contractor Development Programme. While the participants pay a nominal registration fee, we need to subsidise the cost to keep it affordable.   The cost of the programme per participant is R25 000 (approx. $2500). Through corporate contributions we have the cost of about 16 participants covered. We have been running this programme since 2008 with a maximum of 40 participants per programme. Can you help us support 24 women entrepreneurs? We know the socio-economic impact extends much further than the participants themselves through ripple effects. Together we can create waves!

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7 Fundraiser projects

Holiday Invite to Play a Part in Building South Africa's Future

By Elizabeth OLeary

Happy Holidays - With this holiday campaign I'd like to raise R25 000 to cover the cost of one ...

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Developing women through Khuthaza

By Adrienne Egbers

Khuthaza has been in operation for over 12 years and I have been involved since then. We provide ...

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On site

By Patricia Mafunisa

I participate in Khuthaza's programme for Students and Young Professionals. I would like to help ...

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Various initiatives

By Annette Carstens

Participation in Khuthaza initiatives.

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