ARO set out to sterilize 67 animals on Mandela Day. However, we exceeded our expectations and were able to successfully sterilize, vaccinate, de-worm, microchip and provide flea/tick treatment to a total of 85 animals. Animals were brought in from surrounding impoverished communities as well as from other smaller welfare organisations. The sponsors really served us proud and we are hugely grateful to them for their generosity. MASU (mobile animal sterilisation unit) was utilized for the first time and proved to be a great success. We are excited to get MASU out on the road as soon as possible. Vets and volunteers generously donated their time and services and were instrumental in the success of the ARO’s Mandela Day Spayathon. The project was funded by Dancers love dogs and other private individuals – a big THANK YOU from everyone at ARO and all our furry little patients on the day.




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